Board Meeting-June 11, 2019

/Board Meeting-June 11, 2019
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Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School

685 East 182nd Street, Bronx, NY 10457


Board of Trustees Board Meeting Agenda

June 11, 2019

1.0    Call to Order


2.0    Attendance:

  1. a) Board Members
  2. b) CMCS Partners
  3. c) Guests


3.0   Sanctuary Community Meeting


4.0   Motion to approve the minutes of the May 7, 2019 Board Meeting


5.0   Chair Report

5.1  Welcome Reva Gershen-Lowy


6.0   Proposed Executive Session (if necessary, subject to Board approval)


7.0   Action Item Following Executive Session, if necessary


8.0   Action Items

8.1    A motion to approve Terms for Board members –The terms for Mr. Grace, Mr. Quinn and Dr. Ursillo will be extended for 3 years to June 2022.

8.2    A motion to approve construction scope and budget –

8.3    A motion to approve Health and Safety Plan and District Health and Safety Plan

8.4   Additional motions, if necessary


9.0   Discussion

9.1   Update on student enrollment

9.2   Update on teacher and administrative hiring

9.3   Update on Sanctuary Policy; Student Handbook, Teacher Handbook and Wrap Around Services Policy’ Student Enrollment and Retention Policy; Conflict of Interest


10.0         Reports

10.1         Partner’s Report

10.2         Executive Committee Report

10.3         Academic Committee Report

10.4         Finance Committee Report

10.5         Sanctuary Sub-Committee Report

10.6         Fundraising Committee Report

10.7         Principal’s Report


11.0         Public Participation


12.0         Next Steps


13.0         Adjournment



Minutes of May 7, 2019 Board Meeting

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