Extra Curricular Programs at cmccs

Afterschool Learning
CMCCS provides a safe place for our students to keep growing, even after the school day ends.

After school

Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club
Operates an after school program at CMCCS between the hours of 4-6PM (M,T,Th,F) and 2-6PM (W). The cost is $40/week. Program Director, Latisha Smith, is available to discuss the program’s educational and recreational activities. Read more here.

test prep

Afterschool and Vacation Academies
At CMCCS, we want our testing-grade students to be as prepared for success as they can possibly be. To make this happen, we have an afterschool test prep program and a test prep academy that runs through our mid-winter and spring breaks. Dates and times vary and will be communicated with parents throughout the school year.


Bussing Program

We believe that every student has a right to get to school safely and on-time. For this reason, we offer bussing to those students in need of transportation to and from school. Qualification varies by grade level, so please contact us here to see if your student qualifies or if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Afterschool Orchestra
In continuing the effort to provide our students with a safe space to grow and learn, CMCCS provides an afterschool orchestra for grades 3 – 5. We believe exposing our students to the arts will inspire creativity, promote discipline, and introduce a skillset they will be able to carry with them beyond their years at CMCCS.